Nutrisystem Dinner Meals

14 Mar 2019

Why Nutrisystem Sortable Lists?

While navigating the Nutrisystem eating plan there were times when I wanted to keep my carbs (or calories) as low as possible.  I created this list so I could easily see which foods fit my needs the best.  Also I used it as a reference to help me decide which foods to add to my order.

Nutrisystem Dinner Meals


* Means this meal is discontinued. We keep it on the list just in case you still have some in your pantry and just for historical reasons.

Type:  The container type for shelf stable items OR indicates if the food comes frozen.

Box: - These items come boxed and the food is inside a tray that can go in the microwave or the conventional over.

Bag: - These are usually items like bars or snack foods.

Box/Dry: - Dehydrated foods that must be reconstituted with water and heated in a microwave. These foods take an extra 5 - 10 minutes to re-hydrate after heating.

Pouch: - Shelf stable pouches that are opened partially or fully then placed in a microwave to heat.

Tub: - These are small cardboard lined tubs with pull tabs and plastic covers.

Frozen:  Meals that come frozen.



Published on 14 Mar 2019