Vanilla Pudding With Extras

24 Sep 2018

As loyal readers probably know
, we here in Dinner: A Love Story Land love our homemade pudding. I started making it when the girls were little as an easy way to get them to “drink their milk” — the recipe calls for 2 cups of organic milk — but over the years we’ve adultified it (yes, adultified is a word…as of today) with some dare-I-say dinner-party worthy toppings. (Pudding Bar anyone?) There’s shaved chocolate and banana chip (best when the chips are a chopped so you get some texture in every bite); there’s toasted coconut and blueberry (my favorite); there’s whatever-fruit-is-in-season (winter combo of pineapple and orange sections is amazing); and finally, crushed Nilla wafers and fresh bananas, which is a nod to Magnolia’s famous banana pudding, just much easier to create. As we head into comfort-food season, I wanted to send you over to Food52, where you can find more details, including the recipe. Happy Monday everyone!

This piece was created in partnership with Food52 & Milklife. Photo credit: Bobbi Lin for Food 52. 


Published on 24 Sep 2018